Trinity MBC is a multi-generational church with an attendance from a multi-cultural body of believers. With this understanding we offer a wide variety of ministry opportunities so that  every member can have an opportunity to express his or her love and service to God and his people.


The list of ministries below is just a few of many opportunities available at Trinity church. We encourage you to inquire via email or the church office about any ministry experiences you may be interested in. If you find that there are not any ministries that share your interest, our Pastor has a special invitation for you. "Congratulations, you have just started a new ministry!"

Youth & Young Adult

Trinity is a multi-generational church and we believe in nurturing and cultivating the foundation of our youth. Families are able to take upon the scripture that speaks of "training up a child in the way that they should go", and our young adult ministry encourages for that child "not to depart from it". Children and youth have the opportunity to interact through Trinity's B3 ministry where they are able to cultivate spiritual gifts in singing, mime, and bible study. Our F.L.I.G.H.T. ministry engages young adults in everyday issues that allow them to experience the love of in everyday, practical situations.

Sound and Audio/Visual

The Sound and A/V ministry is the community's window into Trinity church. From interacting with our virtual assembly via social media to engaging the congregation in service with light, sound, and screen technology, this team continues to reach for new heights in media ministry.

Prayer and Mission

Working "beyond the four walls of the church" is the mindset to take on when being apart of the prayer and mission ministry. Trinity's prayer ministry operates with the understanding that the church and community throughout is battling, and the battle is beyond "flesh and blood" Warring in the spirit and responding in the natural allows Trinity's prayer ministry to effectively cover the community in prayer. Understanding that covering the community doesn't stop with just a bended knee and a bowed head, pushes our prayer and mission ministry out into the community with the drive to save the lost.

Music & Arts

Whether singing on first and third Sunday mornings with the anointed voices our leading our congregation on the Praise and Worship team. The Music and Arts ministry is an awesome opportunity for members of Trinity to show expression of love and praise to God through the arts. From singing and dancing to miming and acting, Trinity offers a multifaceted music and arts. Don't wait to get your praise on!

Christian Education

The Christian Education ministry has the esteemed responsibility of engaging our congregation in the study of God's word. Through the Sunday school experience and our infamous Dr. Drew E. Marshall Christian Education Week, the Christian Ed. ministry pushes the church to deeper understanding of God's word beyond the morning service sermon.

First Impressions

Ushering, giving announcements, and greeting are just a few of the responsibilities that our First Impressions team engage in. With the understanding that they are, at times, the only people that visitors interact with, this team engages with care and intentionality. It is their hope that upon arriving to a Trinity service, you would feel welcomed into the house of the Lord

Trinity Missionary baptist Church

Dr. John D. Tolbert, Senior Pastor



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